Creative Director
Design Lead 
I was Google’s first Creative Director of emoji, co-writing the proposal for female professional emojis, redesigning and creating a design system for the entire cannon of emojis, and supporting diverse representation of people across emojis. I have spoken at multiple events concerning the importance of representation in emoji and building a design system for emojis.

Proessional Female Emojis

I co-wrote the original proposal to get 15 new representations of professional women in the emoji keyboard, influencing the way millions of people communicate about women on a daily basis. 

Expanding Emoji Professions: Reducing Gender Inequality ↗

Emoji Redesign For Google

I led the first redesign and design guidelines  for Google Emojis, working across thousands of assets and creating the first design system for Google on how to draw emojis. 

I led a workstream devoted to equity in emojis -- supporting the design of diverse representations across emojis including the representation of breastfeeding person, person in hijab, gender neutral emoji, same-sex couples, and the introduction of race.

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